#918 A disadvantage of HD broadcast

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Originally posted on:  07/08/16

Daum Cafe: A disadvantage of HD broadcast 

"is you can see the reflection of the camera, director, lighting and staff on her eyes"

-With that quality, I'm more amazed at how flawless her skin is

-She's is really pretty ㅠㅠ

-I saw the gif first and thought the post would be about her skin

-Do you think they edited her skin too? This is a pre-produced drama, I wouldn't be surprised
┗Her skin has always been pretty
┗If they did, they should've spotted the reflection on her eyes first. How would that mistake slip through editing?

-Wow crazy, you cannot see a pore

-I noticed her skin before the reflection

-Kim Hye Soo has a mirror wall in her house in 'Goodbye Single' and you can see the cameraman's reflection ㄷㄷ

-I stared for a minute straight, her skin is daebak..

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