#921 Female idols who renewed their peaks through short hair

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Originally posted on:  07/10/16

Red Velvet's Joy

Girlfriend's Eunha

SNSD's Taeyeon

EXID's Hani

Girls Day's Hyeri

news 1 - Naver: Renewing their peaks with short hair, representative of girl group members who 'trigger short hair sickness' 

1. [+9,965, -725] Hani honestly doesn't suit short hair

2. [+5,074, -271] Of these, Taeyeon and Hyeri suit short hair the best. Hani is more feminine and sexy with long hair but it was damaged due to frequent bleaching so she ended up cutting it

3. [+4,258, -177] Hyeri looks the best with short hair... And Joy looks great with medium-length hair!

4. [+4,208, -308] Not an idol but Go Junhee is the top when it comes to short hair

5. [+2,248, -245] I don't really agree with the article

6. [+277, -12] What's for sure is each person has a hairstyle that suits them. Long hair doesn't look good on just anyone. Hyeri, Joy and Eunha suit short hair better

7. [+299, -11] It's the face that completes a short cut anyway

8. [+245, -22] Pretty people is pretty in whatever they do

9. [+172, -6] But the face has to be pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+195, -26] Hyeri looks good even with her Deoksun hair

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