#927 Nana, Youngji and Xiumin earn good reviews for their acting

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Originally posted on:  07/13/16

tv Report - Naver: Nana, Heo Youngji and Xiumin, aced it at first try 

1. [+51, -1] Nana and Xiumin are good, it shows how hard they worked.. People are like "why use idols when there are tons of actors". But what many don't realize is there are idols who are better at acting than most actors...The one who receives recognition through acting will survive

2. [+61, -6] These three live(d) up to their characters. I cannot forget Xiumin's gaze and cute smile in 'Kim Seondal'

3. [+49, -2] I really enjoyed 'Kim Seondal'. Xiumin's acting was pretty good in his web drama. He fits his character Gyeon

4. [+64, -9] Xiumin's acting and visuals were good. Hope to see him act more

5. [+64, -9] Xiumin acted well. 'Kim Seondal' is a great movie

6. [+26, -2] Xiumin was the best as Gyeon

7. [+17, 0] Nana and Xiumin did pretty well for their first try. And Youngji is young but did a good job in 'Oh Hae Young'. I think these three will continue to pursue acting. Just don't be like Dongho, Yunho and Nam Taehyun

8. [+22, -2] Xiumin did better than I thought in the movie. It must be because he fits his character well. He's really cute ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

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