#933 Song Il Gook says there is no chance the triplets will appear on TV again

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Originally posted on:  07/16/16

Xports News - Naver: Song Il Gook "No chance of the triplets appearing on TV ever again" 

1. [+8,714, -96] I wanna keep seeing them but they're growing up and being TV would stress them out. You're making a good decision for their future

2. [+7,218, -191] (In triplets voices)"Ahjusshi, what are you doing?? Ahjusshi what are you doing????" I miss the triplets ♡

3. [+6,001, -313] You can tell how much they've grown in their Instagram photos... We won't see them as often now as when they were on 'Superman' so please put up more photos, they're the nation's triplets

4. [+3,747, -121] The triplets were cute, it's shame we won't see them on tv anymore

5. [+676, -20] I personally wanna see them more but this is the right thing to do as a parent

6. [+492, -7] Their appearance on 'Superman' was good for me. Many child stars who grow up in the spotlight go through so much stress

7. [+465, -20] I miss the triplets. Always be healthy and happy~ Triplet's dad, I hope your musical hits daebak

1. [+527, -40] My endorphins Daehan, Minguk and Manse. I'm supporting your from afar. Always be happy ^____^

2. [+515, -47] Then please upload lots of photos, triplet's abojiㅜㅜㅜ

3. [+425, -40] I miss them on tv but I'll have to bear with it for the sake of the kids ㅠㅠ Upload lots of photos when you have time. I won't forget the lovely triplets. You're awesome Song Il Gook-ssi. See you in your dramas

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