#991 Enviable benefit of being a celebrity

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Originally posted on:  08/22/2016 

Daum Cafe: Sometimes, an enviable thing about being a celebrity

"is getting your hair and makeup done by a professional. I wanna experience it too."

-True, because I suck at makeup..

-As long as you have money, it's doable even if you're not a celebrity... But what I envy the most is receiving gifts from fans

-This, skin care and travelling to places

-What I'm most jealous of is the love they receive from fans... If I were an idol, being loved by many people would feel like the greatest thing

-Getting a free pass to college

-You can get your hair and makeup done by anyone who's good at it...

-Receiving fan gifts and letters ㅋㅋㅋ

-This and wearing designer clothes

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