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Originally posted on: Aug 3 2015

Dispatch - Naver:"Gongvely, Shinvely, Jungvely or Parkvely?".... A history of drama -velys

1. [+11,687,-1005] Gongvely's the one and only 'vely'

2. [+9,642, -352] I totally adore Park Bo Young in OMGㅠㅠ

3. [+9,326, -868] Gongvely's a wall

4. [+7,165, -241] Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min Ah, Jung Yu Mi and Park Bo Young are all so lovely.

5. [+5,996, -1,328] The most popular among men is Park Bo Young

6. [+935, -56] I acknowledge Gongvely. And these days, I live for Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok's chemistry.. They never cease to give me a heart attack each week

7. [+758, -50] Jung Yumi and Lee Jin Wook were jjang in 'I Need Romance 2'

8. [+159, -19] Honestly speaking, Gong Hyo Jin isn't pretty but she's charming, has great fashion sense, a good actress and there's something about her that pulls you in

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