[Spoilers] Rebel Ep 9 + 10

Naver - Osen: Yoon Kyun Sang brings Kim Joon Bae... Kim Jung Tae's revenge is right before his eyes 

1. [+1,368, -35] MBC finally made a proper sageuk for the first time in a while. It makes you excited for the next day!! The story is not boring or messy, and the pacing is just right

2. [+1,472, -65] Chae Soo Bin is cute, Honey Lee is pretty ㅠㅠㅠ Do well Rebel ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+972, -45] Rebel is too good ㅠㅠ  My hands were sweating the whole time. Please keep up this pacing!! Ga Ryung is pretty

4. [+646, -16] He got Heo Tae Hak but Mori that bastard makes me nervous

5. [+436, -7] Yoon Kyun Sang's physique and acting are a good match or the role, he's so cool

6. [+255, -7] I love sageuks like this.. it's been ages after Six Flying Dragons

7. [+249, -10] The dynamic plot line is insane!! The gratifying feeling that you get out of a drama is what makes it appealing... Meanwhile, I feel sorry for Ga Ryung ㅜㅜ Not a fan of love line in sageuk but that scene of him comforting Ga Ryung is needed in this episode

Naver - Osen: Yoon Kyun Sang's revenge X Honey Lee's temptation... approaches Kim Ji Seok 

1. [+1,239, -17] Looks like Amogae's life is in danger, it's making me anxious.. I'm so tempted to make a  neat man bun out of his disheveled hair

2. [+725, -19] It seems that he's reuniting with his hyung in the next episode, hope it's gonna be a good one

3. [+548, -17] Mori makes me nervous

4. [+527, -17] I miss Eorini

5. [+479, -22] In the scene where Kim Sang Joong is crying while clasping the flower shoes in his hand, I cried with him

6. [+228, -10] Yoon Kyun Sang's acting is better than I thought...

7. [+185, -2] I hope Amogae doesn't die and stays until the last episode ㅜ

8. [+186, -4] Such a well-made sageuk, I have always wanted to see a drama like this

9. [+184, -5] This drama is amazing. I wondered why Kim Ji Seok speaks in a feeble voice but turns out he's portraying a weak king ㄷㄷ

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