[Spoilers] Hwarang (Finale)

Naver - Herald Pop: Hwarang finale, Park Hyung Shik kept the throne.. Park Seo Joon♥ Go Ara 'marriage' 

1. [+4,633, -140] What the drama succeeded in doing is making King Jinheung the main character... It ended with Park Hyung Shik getting recognized for his sageuk acting and visuals

2. [+2,795, -123] Park Hyung Shik is cool ♡ A drama that lived off its cast. Why is Sunwoo's hair always untied? It looks so weird, their eyebrows look weird. The cast have suffered

3. [ +2,178, -120] Park Hyung Shik matches sageuks, I hope he does another one

4. [+1,877, -110] Park Hyung Shik's acting was amazing today, he looked daebak in his king costume ㄷㄷ

5. [+1,808, -114] 'King Jinheung' is currently ranked #1 for most searched term. If only he was the main character in the first place. I'm seeing Park Hyung Shik differently, he's good at sageuks

6. [+547, -22] I bet if only the drama focused more of the hwarang's friendships or the king and the hwarangs, the ratings would have exceeded 10%

7. [+486, -24] I only stuck to the end for Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Shik, Sung Dong Il and Pa O. Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Shik need to reunite in a better drama or in a movie

8. [+423, -26] A waste of the actors' time

Daum - News 1: Park Seo Joon and Go Ara get married, Park Hyung Shik becomes the king.. 'happy ending' 

1. [+401, -76] Hyung Shik saved this drama!

2. [+337, -44] Feels like Park Hyung Shik stood out the most in the final episode

3. [+274, -22] I'm glad it's a happy ending. Goblin is over, Hwarang is over, what do I watch now?

4. [+240, -13] Ah writer, don't even think of writing another sageuk again. Overall, this drama is nothing but a lame romance set in Silla times

5. [+139, -4] Can't see any sincerity put into producing this drama. Truly a waste of the cast's skills. Did they not have enough budget since there weren't any PPL? It had all the potential to be better but the writer and PD screwed up big time


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