Dress that's popular with female idols lately

This dress is a trendy piece among female idols lately 

Red Velvet's Irene and Yeri were the first ones to wear it as their stage outfit for 'Rookie', it matches their cute concept and lively dance track. 

Lovelyz' Yein wore similar-looking dress for 'WoW!' The colors really pop out in the mv

Gugudan's Sally wore it in their MV 'A Girl Like Me', it matches the narcissistic concept of the MV and makes Sally's charms stand out .

The dress is from fashion brand MSGM owned by contemporary Italian designer Massimo Giorgetti 

theqoo: The identity of a piece of clothing that's popular with female idols lately 

-It's pretty

-At first I thought, Red Velvet coordi made that outfit, had no idea it was from an actual designer

-It's those instances where face completes the fashion

-Pretty as a stage outfit, I can't see myself wearing it outside

-It's not pretty at all ㅋㅋㅋHigh-end fashion amuses me sometimes

-I don't see the appeal

-If I wore it, I'd look like an adult wearing a kindergarten uniform


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