Journalist writes about rookie male idol groups who are in 'controversy over their looks'

Article: Recently debuted idol groups find themselves in 'controversy over their looks' 

Members of groups 'AllDayz'  and 'zetta' are gaining buzz lately. A post titled 'Faces of male rookie idol groups that are gaining attention' was posted on an online community. The OP uploaded photos of 4-member group AllDayz and 5-member group zetta who are currently promoting in Japan. In the photos, the members showed off their friendly image and charms different to the usual 'flower boy' looks typically seen in idols. Netizens commented "Ah.. I don't know what to say", "What's up with their makeupㅜㅜ"You're sure they're just singers rather than idols? ". While other commenters argued "Yes, their makeup is weird.. but please respect them", "the reactions here wouldn't be as severe if they were referred to as 'vocal unit' in the first place". 

Daum Cafe : Recently debuted idol groups find themselves in 'controversy over their looks' 

-I don't see anything controversial

-Huh?.. It's not like they sing with their faces

-Why does the journalist have to call it a controversy? That's hurtful

-What controversy? I know Sunghyun from zetta and that's not how he looks in real life. Please stop judging based on those photos

-One of them looks like Tao

-But if they were female idols, there would be tons of posts on communities and sns overanalyzing and making fun of their appearances

-It's the journalist that instigated the controversy.

-The hate they're getting on Twitter is ridiculous. I'm not even their fan but this makes me mad

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