Joo Won personally confirms enlistment date

Osen via Naver: [V Live] Joo Won confirms his army enlistment date to be May 16th "I will work hard with service"

1. [+2,736, -69] "Although Joo Won passed the test for conscripted policemen earlier in March, he cancelled and voluntarily enlisted to active service instead".//  He passed as a celebrity soldier, I wonder why he cancelled...

2. [+2,408, -218] Daebak. He's backing out as a conscripted policeman for active service. I guess people won't pester him any longer

3. [+1,808, -64] Work hard and be safe

4. [+1,902, -158] Celebrities who need to reflect, do you see this?

5. [+1,341, -56] Take care~

6. [+359, -28] BoA's a gomshin at 32 (tn: a woman who has a boyfriend in the army) ㅠ Celebrities do their service so late

7. [+205, -16] Time flies... I remember watching BoA singing No. 1 on music broadcast while I was in the army, that feels like yesterday... And now, her boyfriend is enlisting

8. [+183, -14] What about BoA?? I hope they don't break up. Please date for a long long time

9. [+172, -12] Even Joo Won is going now.. Be safe^^

10. [+157, -11] Joo Won's one of my favorite actors.. So hardworking and untainted.. Be safe and good luck!


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