Ruler releases stills of Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho

Sports Dong A via Naver: Kim So Hyun's elegance... "Glad that I joined 'Ruler'"

1. [+2,338, -75] She's elegant and pretty not to mention she's an excellent actress.. You can't help but adore her ㅠㅠ

2. [+1,655, -72] Wow freaking pretty.. Ruler is gonna be great.

3. [+1,592, -70] She gets prettier as she grows older

4. [+1,195, -70] Wow she's pretty in that hanbok

5. [+1,128, -63] Not only is she gorgeous but she's talented at acting too

6. [+128, -23] Lovely So Hyunie. I thought she's do well in sageuks seeing her in Goblin

7. [+125, -25] She looks very refined~ Hanboks suited her so well in Goblin

Sports Chosun via Naver: 'Ruler' reveals Yoo Seung Ho's first still cuts..."Crown Prince"

1. [+1,235, -73] Handsome..

2. [+920, -115] Out of all young actors, Yoo Seung Ho looks the best in sageuk costumes  ~♡

3. [+588, -5] Looking forward to it ~~~♡♡

4. [+559, -62] Seung Ho's auntie fan over her. I can't wait for Ruler

5. [+497, -42] He served in the army early, he never gets hate and his popularity went up. Other celebrities need to take a leaf out of his book

6. [+238, -27] Aigoo~ Handsome:) He grew up well!!!

7. [+228, -31] Seung Ho doesn't disappoint


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