Cast of Cheese in the Trap transform into students on movie set

Instiz: Filming photos of Cheese in the Trap the movie 

-Oh Yeon Seo is the Hong Seol I've always wished for

-Looks like Hong Seol came straight out of the manhwa

-Hong Seol's sync is daebak..

-How will Sandara Park act? ㅋㅋㅋ

-But Bora's hair has to be short

-People were calling it 'Cheese in the Office' but they're believable as college students

-Can't ask for a better Hong Seol and Yoo Jung

Sports Dong A via Naver: 'Cheese', Park Hae Jin x Park Ki Woong transform into high schoolers... "0% sense of disharmony"

1. [+2,074, -82] Yoo Jung - Park Hae Jin, Baek Inha - Yoo In Young, Hong Seol - Oh Yeon Seo ㅠㅜㅠ The fans got their ideal cast ㅜㅜ On top of that, Park Ki Woong fits the role

2. [+1,775, -59] 10 years ago and now, can't believe Park Ki Woong can still pull off a high school role

3. [+1,432, -64] Park Hae Jin in uniform looks like he just leaped out of the manhwa.. Park Ki Woong really looks like a student, a handsome one. Their visuals are no joke

4. [+920, -59] Wow they fit their roles well

5. [+837, -69] Yoo Jung sunbae and Baek Inho don't seem out of place at all

6. [+203, -25] Just looks like a scene from the comic ㄷㄷㄷ Great job with the casting

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