Albums released on USB

Ayumi Hamasaki (first USB album in Japan)

Lady Gaga

Kim Jang Hoon (first USB album in Korea)


Mai Kuraki

Bob Dylan


Michael Jackson

Kylie Minogue 

Bon Jovi


G Dragon

theqoo: Albums released as USB so far 

-Got7's USB is so cute

-Looking forward to GD's album

-Queen's USB reminds me of a perfume bottle

-Such a good idea. Hoping my idols do this too

-Am I the only one who thinks GD's USB look like something out of a horror movie

-Got7's USB albums, they're all cute

-I hope more idols groups would follow suit

-Lee Seunggi's USB album

-Look so much more fun to collect than CDs 

-Didn't know there would be this many. USBs are customizable and can be used as ornaments, not many people have cd players nowadays. I hope this becomes a trend


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