Yeo Jin Goo confirmed as male lead in 'Reunited Worlds' opposite Lee Yeon Hee

Osen via Naver: [Exclusive] Yeo Jin Goo confirmed for male lead role in SBS 'Reunited Worlds' opposite Lee Yeon Hee 

'Reunited Worlds' will be about an 18-year old young man who was born in the same year as his friend, a 31 year old woman. It's a fantasy romance of two childhood friends who have a 13-year age difference. Yeo Jin Goo will play Sung Hae Sung, a pure-hearted and naive guy but acts recklessly towards leading lady Eom Hyun Soo (played by Lee Yeon Hee). Reunited Worlds will premiere after 'Suspicious Partner'

1. [+3,206, -39] With their 13 year age gap, how are they same-aged friends?

2. [+2,238, -35] Am I the only one who doesn't understand? They're 13 years apart but they're the same ageㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1,961, -51] What combo is this? Aunt meets the nephew kind of world?

4. [+1,905, -74] I know Yeo Jin Goo looks mature but isn't it too much that he's paired with Lee Yeon Hee? Sounds like something I'll skip

5. [+1,414, -44] Don't...

6. [+560, -41] Doesn't matter how hard viewers complain about Lee Yeon Hee or how many times she gets into acting controversies,  she always ends up with lead roles anyway.. it's all useless

7. [+431, -24] Isn't the difference in acting skills between the leads too drastic?

8. [+440, -31] Putting Bal Yeon Hee with Yeo Jin Goo... Talk about child abuse

9. [+407, -23] How come Yeo Jin Goo has no luck with leading ladies... haaa..

10. [+277, -8] I feel like Yeo Jin Goo's just gonna be wasting his talent here.. there's an acting talent imbalance with the actress


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