[Spoilers] Chicago Typewriter (Finale)

Mydaily via Naver: 'Chicago', Yoo Ah In ♥Im Soo Jung,  happy ending that transcends their previous lives

1. [+2,898, -61] Loved the ending, it will leave a lasting impression on me.. I'm grateful to everyone who fought for our independence. It's all thanks to them that we are enjoying our freedom. Good work to the cast and crew. Chicago Typewriter will stay in my memory for a long time!

2. [+2,137, -52] A miracle created by independence fighters wishing for independence

3. [+1,992, -68] Thank you for this unforgettable drama

4. [+1,714, -141] Great ending!! Writer-nim, good job!!

5. [+465, -24] Yoo Ah In's performance is phenomenal!

6. [+441, -26] If I were to be asked which actor I think is the most genuine, it's definitely gonna be Yoo Ah In

7. [+416, -18] Yoo Ah In was indeed Han Se Joo/Seo Hwi Young

8. [+406, -19] Yoo Ah In's a brilliant actor

Yeonhap News via Naver: Failure of a golden cast... tvN Chicago Typewriter concludes with 2.2% rating

1. [+7,516, -933] It's disrespectful towards the writers and cast to call a drama with low ratings a failure. Knowing that the writers and cast put their heart and soul into their work means enough

2. [+6,114, -654] This drama is too good, not a failure just because of poor ratings. The image of those nameless youths who sacrificed their lives for our freedom will be etched in my memory. Thank you for making the country a better place for us and the future generations to live in

3. [+4,855, -548] I highly enjoyed this drama, it's sad that people are judging it based on the ratings

4. [+3,994, -353] The network changing the airing time was hugely responsible for that. It broke the flow causing regular viewers not sticking through

5. [+499, -46] In the end, the writers and director are the bigger factor in a drama's success more than cast

6. [+348, -29] If you watched Chicago, you know it didn't do well ratings wise because of the writer wasting too much time on irrelevant stuff in the beginning, the slow directing and the lack of promos

7. [+372, -56] It's because it didn't attract large viewership in the beginning.. I stuck through but wasn't crazy about it or anything..


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