Who will be Lee Byung Hun's leading lady in 'Mr. Sunshine'?

Son Ye Jin

Chun Woo Hee

Moon Geun Young

Han Hyo Joo

Choi Ji Woo

Han Ji Min

Soo Ae

Daum Cafe: Candidates for female lead in Kim Eun Sook's Mr. Sunshine

-How about we change the male lead first?

-Kim Min Hee~~!!

-Whoever it is, I feel bad for her

-At least I'd have a reason to watch if Son Ye Jin is in

-Seriously, why Lee Byung Hun? He can't be the only actor who acts well and speaks English

-Moon Chae Won

-For the first time, I'll be skipping Kim Eun Sook's drama

-Lee Byung Hun is scandalous but you gotta admit his acting is excellent

-I recommend Kim Min Hee

-Ugh it's gonna be so difficult watching the romantic scenes


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