Kim Tae Ri offered lead role in Mr. Sunshine

Ilgan Sports via Naver: Kim Tae Ri cast as female lead in Mr Sunshine opposite Lee Byung Hun 

1. [+5,565, -214] Be careful

2. [+4,105, -126] Like an uncle and niece?

3. [+3,715, -152] Kim Tae Ri needs to run away from this!

4. [+2,832, -115] So Lee Byung Hun's confirmed after all

5. [+2,529, -151] Run away

6. [+1,446, -41] Their age gap is too big.. They should've cast an actress who's at least in her 30s, the age difference is huge, not to mention the fact that the male lead is Lee Byung Hun. The more reason for me to not wanna watch the drama

7. [+1,330, -42] It's not a romance but a father-daughter story???


1. [4,685, -102] They have a 20-year age gap, he's old enough to be her dad

2. [+3,757, -122] Tae Ri-ya, be careful

3. [+3,520, -190] The male lead is already an error

4. [+3,124, -139] It seems like a meaningful drama but the casting makes me sad

5. [+3,018, -126] Find a male lead who matches Kim Tae Ri ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+1,028, -30] It's gonna hard to watch, given their big age gap.. Either the leads are both old, or they're both young, just pick one... It must suck for Kim Tae Ri to work with a scandalous man

7. [+824, -34] Talk about an extreme job for Kim Tae Ri

8. [+721, -15] Even Goblin is about an ahjae and a high school girl. Kim Tae Ri and Lee Byung Hun's age difference is too big, should've cast an actress in their 30s. Kim Eun Sook's female characters are too passive and charmless. Who's would be happy with a pairing like this?

9. [+645, -13] In the synopsis, the male lead is supposed to be a "young man", Lee Byung Hun is nearly in his 50s and doesn't even remotely look young

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