[Spoilers] School 2017

Herald Pop via Naver: School 2017's first episode, high school in Kim Sejung's point of view x who is the incident's hero?

1. [+3,764, -109] I'm sure this writer never attended school..

2. [+3,437, -113] Writer, the setup is too forced

3. [+3,142, -110] Which school posts grades like that? And what kind of teacher makes students line up for food in the order of their grades? It's straight up abuse

4. [+3,042, -127] Exaggerated setup, cringeworthy dialogues, hopeless

5. [+1,136, -54] Now I know why Kim Yoo Jung dropped the offer after reading the script

6. [+1,169, -84] School series with Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo was the best

7. [+1,017, -59] Having the students line up for food in order of their grades is the most ridiculous thing

8. [+877, -61] I had high hopes but the story is too incoherent and unrealistic

9. [+691, -11] You've got a lead character who's carefree but bad at her studies, a poor but exemplary student, a crooked from a rich family and a young and kind teacher.. too cliche

Mydaily via Naver: School, Kim Sejung breaks out of dropout crisis... Who is X?

1. [+1,456, -38] Can't stand the parents, can't stand the principal

2. [+1,270, -49] The teacher is frustrating

3. [+1,104, -39] It's no wonder the school is in such bad shape because of the adults tsk tsk

4. [+619, -43] It felt refreshing when the drone came out

5. [+366, -26] Seems like the drama wants to portray school issues not in a serious way but in a bizarre sort of way, the script is cringeworthy

6. [+307, -14] Those parents are damn awful

7. [+299, -12] Feels like the first offender is the school's top student and the person who flew the drone is President Lee's son

8. [+238, -5] Ah the principal deserves a punch... hopeless

9. [+245, -12] Tae Woon is X. Dae Hwi and Hee Chan are suspicious too

10. [+237, -22] Dae Hwi is the culprit


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