IU captivates viewers on Hyori's Bed and Breakfast

Osen via Naver: 'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast', Employee Jieunie vs top singer IU 

1. [+5,641, -271] Adding IU to the show was a brilliant move

2. [+4,560, -131] The three siblings are so precious, the eldest sister is doing a good job taking care of them

3. [+3,774, -297] She's unexpectedly simple and innocent. Such a likeable singer

4. [+2,799, -209] IU is really loveable

5. [+2,205, -184] IU's super cute

6. [+747, -72] So funny when Lee Hyori imitated IU ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope they'll keep their friendship going outside of broadcast too~~

7. [+658, -89] IU seems like a girl next door when she's on Hyori's BnB, but a pro during music promos. Plus she's really pretty

8. [+565, -62] Lee Hyori and IU's chemistry is amazing

 Naver: 'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast' Lee Hyori can't live without IU ♥

1. [+4,433, -100] A show without MSG. Hyori, Sang Soon and Jieun make me smile

2. [+3,912, -112] I feel like IU will occasionally visit Lee Hyori's place even after they're done with the show.. It's so good to see them together~

3. [+2,820, -76] I love this~ You can tell how much Lee Sang Soon and Hyori love each other 

4. [+2,722, -70] I can't stop smiling when I watch this show~

5. [+2,546, -66] Ah seriously, this show makes me happy

6. [+1,095, -15] The three siblings have good personalities ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+1,050, -21] When Lee Sang Soon told Lee Hyori "I'm the happiest when I play with you", I can't help but think that they're really are each other's soulmates... Seriously relationship goalsㅠㅠ They genuinely care for Jieun, it's almost like they're a real family. This show is so healing  ㅋㅋHyori unni, hope you're always happy


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