Using FaceApp's gender swap on celebrities

Lee Jong Suk

Yoo Ah In

Kang Dong Won

Park Bo Gum

Leonardo DiCaprio


Jung Moon Bok

Daum Cafe: Using FaceApp's gender swap on celebrities 

-Kang Dong Won and Leo became freaking pretty

-Male Suzy looks like Park Hae Jin

-Jang Moon Bok = Uee + Han Seungyeon

-The face makeup on male Suzy is creeping me out ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Got to the last one and thought that was Han Seungyeon for real

-Female Lee Jong Suk is a mix of IU and Dahyun

-Lee Jong Suk = IU, Yoo Ah In = Song Hye Kyo or Han Sunhwa, Park Bo Gum = Kim Yuna + Irene, Kang Dong Won=Ahn Young Mi

-Suzy's came out weird, the rest looks quite natural

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