Society Game (Final)

Naver - Mydaily: 'Society Game', Madong wins, Hyun Kyung Ryul is laughing 

1. [+1,252, -22] Honestly, God Kyung Ryul hard carried

2. [+1,022, -17] In Jik chose Kyung Ryul hyung so he got to ride the bus properly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+921, -34] I wanna see Kyung Ryul hyung on 'The Genius'. MJ couldn't solve the root question so he purposely didn't answer it right to tire Kwon Ah Sol out

4. [+685, -15] Hyun Kyung Ryul had the talent, Lee Byug Kwan took care of the money

5. [+517, -21] God Kyung Ryul hard carried

6. [+368, -7] Hyun Kyung Ryul is a true monster ㅋㅋ He dominated all the brain games. And Kwon Ah Sol's image changed considerably, she's the coolest

7. [+339, -8] MJ fought fiercely too but God Kyung Ryul was a wall, it can't be helped ㅋㅋIf Lee Hae Sung came up higher, Nopdong would've won

8. [+324, -6] They would have lost without Hyun Kyung Ryul

9. [+325, -10] It's safe to say they won because of Hyun Kyung Ryul.. If Lee Hae Sung was picked, Madong would've lost ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Meanwhile, Yoon Tae Jin's so pretty

10. [+295, -6] Hyun Kyung Ryul and Kwon Ah Sol were the best. And not to mention Jung In Jik who dropped Lee Hae Sung and put Hyun Kyung Ryul in the top three

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