#1007 Why being a female idol is a stressful job

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Originally posted on:  08/29/2016 

Getting called names regarding their looks

"If you type 'ppah', 'ppahjachinju' comes up as a related search term. The term 'ppahja' criticizes idol group Girlfriend'. What's worse is Umji gets targeted the most" 

"In the past, Suzy was in a drama and she got made fun of for her weight, calling her names like Sukkiri (tn: combination of Suzy + elephant') "

"gong minjiroe is a deregatory nickname towards Gong Minzy"

"Hyoyeon was made fun of for her looks and peopled called her Hyorc"

Target of ridicule

"There was this popular post one time basically saying that SNSD caught the Nam Sang Mi disease ... I didn't know about it before but looking at it now, it's such an overreach" 
(tn: Nam Sang Mi has a habit of winking on her other eye when she smiles, female idols who did the same gesture were picked on for having the Nam Sang Mi disease)

"Male idols never get plastic surgery accusations when past photos of them resurface but the internet goes rabid when it comes to female idols' past photos saying stuff like "she had eyes, nose done, etc"

Putting extreme emphasis on female idols' looks 

"A public broadcast tv show got female idols to take a visual test to basically see who can maintain their composure while making them do stupid stuff. Then they had to watch their reactions in slow motion"

"Female idols were asked to dance sexily on a platform outside despite the cold weather but the platform turned out to be a scale. So their weights were revealed and the ones who had the slightest difference compared to their profile weights were ranked gold, silver and bronze and were given prizes"

Daum Cafe: Being a female idol is a stressful job

-The last one is crazy... What a disgusting show

-Go on Nate Pann and the difference in comments between male idols and female idols posts is shocking... the double standards are sickening

-So true about the past photos... On articles about female idols' past photos, a majority of the comments are attacking female idols while for male idols, it's mostly positive

-Indeed a stressful job...

-The PD of that show is pathetic

-The last one makes me mad... Imagine your weight being revealed on national tv like that.. So unfair

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