#1009 Idols whose visuals peaked early in their debut

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Originally posted on:  08/31/2016 




Goo Hara

Kang Jiyoung


Park Yoochun

Kim Hyun Joong

Daum Cafe: Idols who peaked early in their debut

-Goo Hara was daebak when she debuted

-Wow Kangin.... alcohol became his enemy

-Irene too ㅠㅠ

-Taeyeon was legendary in their ITNW days

-But Suzy and Taeyeon are are prettier now than when they debuted, while Sulli reached her peak beauty during Rum Pum Pum Pum and Red Light

-Agreed with the guys but for Sulli, I find her mature visuals much prettier

-Irene as well... She's pretty right now too but I was shocked when I first saw her in 'Happiness'. The internet went wild and wondered who the pink-haired member was

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