#1581 [Spoilers] Hwarang (Pilot)

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Originally posted on: 12/19/2016

Osen - Naver: 'Hwarang' first episode, spectacle + romance + comic, 'daebak smell'

1. [+3,183, -494] Can't wait for episode 2, the drama's watchable

2. [+2,852, -450] To be honest, it's fun. Gotta watch tomorrow's episode too

3. [+2,603, -402] Fun drama!! ㅋㅋ I burst out laughing at Park Seo Joon's first entrance ㅋㅋ his acting is jjang

4. [+2,415, -405] It was fun tho

5. [+2,263, -388] Exceeded my expectation, I'll keep watching

6. [+558, -63] Kwangsoo, don`t die ㅜㅜㅜ Made me nervous when I look at him

7. [+610, -81] How many lives did Kwangsoo have today?ㅠㅠ

8. [+625, -115] Didn't expect much but it's honestly enjoyable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It looks so much like a contemporary drama with Silla era as a backdrop, it's decent ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  So sad when Kwangsoo got hit

9. [+612, -113] Sam Maek Jong is daebak heart-fluttering ㅜㅜ

10. [+460, -73] I had low expectation because of the hairstyle but it's better than I thought ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Can't wait for the second episode ㅎㅎ

Sports Chosun - Nate: 'Hwarang', Park Seo Joon saves Lee Kwangsoo's life three times... entangled destiny 

1. [+199, -27] Wanted to see it for Park Seo Joon but the drama's boring and cringeworthy. I don't understand what it's aboutㅜㅜ ah ㅜㅜ

2. [+157, -12] Hope you wrap up with Hwarang well and I'll wait to see you in a drama as good as She Was Pretty. I'll keep cheering you on

3. [+143, -16] Does Lee Kwangsoo not have luck with projects..

4. [+17, -9] A reminiscent of Moon Lovers ㅋㅋ

5. [+17, -10] Seo Joon hyung had a good string of dramas, why did he pick this one?

1. [+698, -79] I hate Park Geun Hye

2. [+396, -71] Am I the only one who thinks it's immature?

3. [+222, -34] Immature themes must be the trend lately

4. [+256, -70] I looked forward to this, it's boring so I switched to another channel

5. [+244, -71] Boring... Had to force myself to finish it

6. [+200, -49] Can't tell if the problem lies in the script or directing.. It's just the first episode but I can't seem to get into the story. The bgm is so-so. I had hoped that Hwarang would ease off the disappointment from the previous drama but what a shame..

7. [+197, -65] The story has no sense of direction. I don't see anybody else who stands out aside from Kim Ji Soo. The OST feels out of place ㅋ Too messy for me, I won't be continuing ㅠ
8. [+273, -174] Excited to watch the coming episodes, didn't notice how quickly the hour passed by! 

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