#525 Celebrities and their ideal types

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Originally posted on:  01/10/16

 Seolhyun - Song Joong Ki

 Suzy - Kang Dong Won

Park Bogum - A good-natured woman, preferably with the same religions and values.
Someone who would take good care of him.
Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Chung Ah

 Rain - a woman with split personality, who shows innocence during the day
 similar to a kindergarten teacher and who's sexy and aggressive at night.

Baekhyun - Woman who's petite, has fair skin, not too thin, has bright personality and it's alright if she's not super bubbly or overly kind.
She laughs well and only looks at him, looks great in jeans, has a great body and charming.
Cute, kind, and has a nice scent. It's alright if she doesn't read many books.
Specifically, his ideal type is Han Ga In.

Chanyeol - Woman who likes to laugh and communicates well.
Faithful, has fair skin, strong features, neat and fits into his embrace.

So Ji Sub - Woman who's understanding and thoughtful.
Long-haired and about 168 cm tall.

 Sulli - Reliable, someone who is like a father to me and listens well

Yoo Seung Ho - A woman dressed in dark-colored outfit, with a bag and
a book and loves animals and people

 Lee Jong Seok - A smart woman. Lee Na Young

Kim Woo Bin - A woman with a pretty smile. Doesn't matter
if she's over 50 as long as she looks pretty when she smiles but
ideally, she has to be younger than his parents

Daum Cafe: Ideal types of celebrities 

-Yoo Seung Ho's ideal type

-Yoo Seung Ho's description of his ideal type is super detailed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-A few of them have met their ideal types

-So when will So Ji Sub confess to me?

-Sulli's ideal type exactly describes Choiza

-Ji Sub oppa, I'm your ideal type.. I'm 168 cm tall and long-haired ♡

-Baekhyun-ah! Chanyeol-ah! Never mind, I don't have the chance...

-I think I read somewhere that Park Bogum ideal type is someone who's short. Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Chung Ah are both tall

-Kim Woo Bin is now dating his ideal type


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