#775 Who wore it better? Song Joong Ki vs Rain

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Originally posted on:  05/01/16

Dispatch - Naver: [Same clothes, different feel] Song Joong Ki vs Jung Ji Hoon, Sukajan showdown 

1. [+3,418, -554] Personally, it's Song Joong Ki ~

2. [+2,002, -130] Stop comparing

3. [+2,158, -315] Song Joong Ki's really cool~~! I bet he'll look good even if he wears a rag~~!

4. [+1,470, -105] Why the comparisons? Reporters are weird

5. [+1,078, -69] Do really we have to pick who wore it better? Each has their own style. It's not a question of who I like between the two, their styling is different

6. [+813, -119] Both look awesome~~ But Rain is more charismatic.. Song Joong Ki has a softness to him

1. [+212, -3] I'm more amazed that the price of that shirt is 4.7 million krwㅎㅎ

2. [+120, -9] Sorry, I won't wear it even if you paid 5 million for that..

3. [+129, -53] One vote for Song Joong Ki

4. [+32, -13] Song Joong Ki doesn't suit that outfit, it looks better on Rain ㅋㅋ

5. [+22, -18] Face completes the outfit! Song Joong Ki is handsome

6. [+20, -18] Song Joong Ki wins in looks but Rain wore it better

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