#869 Lee Seung Gi models for army event promo poster

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Originally posted on:  06/16/16

tv Report - Naver: "Korea's son, bright smile"... Lee Seung Gi as a model to promote an army event 

1. [+3,836, -74] Don't do anything stupid when you're out for break. Come back safely

2. [+3,558, -95] Lee Seung Gi's image is 100X better thanks to Yoochun-nim

3. [+3,164, -121] So different from Yoochun ㅎㅎ

4. [+2,939, -58] What nice timing. Such a stark contrast between two celebrities who rely on their image to survive. Anyhow, great to see Lee Seung Gi

5. [+2,188, -63] Awesome!!! Do well in the army ♡

6. [+929, -32] Still cool even with tanned face. Take care for the remainder of your service. Release good songs and choose good projects when you're discharged  ♡

7. [+894, -36] He seems to be working hard looking at how tanned he got

8. [+823, -35] People like Lee Seung Gi and Yunho are good examples. The sincere ones do well in their service

1. [+194, -13] How I wanna be that girl next to Seung Gi ㅋㅋ

2. [+155, -10] He completed his airborne training and long distance march, he's gotten quite tanned but he looks good. Do well with service and come back safely

3. [+140, -8] The higher ups asked him to be on it, there's no way he'd refuse~ Please refrain from leaving hateful comments!

4. [+31, -2] His face got tanner. That girl beside him is lucky

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