#897 Yoo Ho Jin PD promoted to producer position, KBS assures he's not leaving 1N2D

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Originally posted on:  06/26/16

Star News - Naver: '1N2D', Yoo Ho Jin --> producer, Yoo Il Yong--> main PD

1. [+4,837, -143] What's the truth? To be honest, the Ehwa special that Yoo Il Yong PD directed is not as good as the usual episodes. KBS, quit poking around and don't send your talents over to the cable channels. Please confirm Yoo Ho Jin as the main PD. Season 2 flopped when you changed the PD, didn't you learn anything from that?

2. [+2,429, -52] Isn't producer also a PD? Someone care to explain?

3. [+1,845, -42] So, Yoo Ho Jin is to take care of the big picture and Yoo Il Yong will lead on site?

4. [+1,052, -26] What's happening exactly?

5. [+737, -39] Ugh reporters, get your facts straight before putting out articles

6. [+512, -12] Honestly, the Ehwa special is boring

Star News - Daum: KBS "Yoo Ho Jin is not leaving 1N2D... he will come back as a producer"
1. [+165, -3] Reporters, please get your facts straight first

2. [+142, -2] Why? Yoo Ho Jin is not the main PD anymore?

3. [+35, -1] So Yoo Il Yong will be the main PD, does that mean we won't be seeing our crayfish PD as much? 1N is already having a hard time without him. The Ehwa special was a disappointment

4. [+29, -1] What is a PD, what is a producer???

5. [+22, 0] If the temporary guy becomes the main PD, we won't be seeing crayfish PD anymore. Don't do this, 1N2D will suffer. The new member is still awkward and the temporary PD is boring ㅠ Does this mean no more interactions between the members and the crayfish PD? ㅠ

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