#900 Park Shin Hye shares her diet secret

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Originally posted on:  06/27/16

Xports News- Daum: Park Shin Hye's diet tip "Vegetarian diet twice a day coupled with exercise"

Eats a vegetarian diet, 2 meals a day. For exercise, she does lower body and stationary bike workouts once or twice a week. She dances regularly and recently started Pilates.

1. [+1,100, -35] Not too fond of her new look~~ She was prettier during 'Three Meals a Day'

2. [+1,040, -24] Come back~~ you lost too much weight

3. [+432, -15] She was was prettier before. Am the only one who thinks she looks older after she lost the fat on her cheeks. Where did the pretty Shin Hye from 3Mad go?

4. [+398, -11] She was chubby and cute in 'Heirs' but she took it too far. You're pretty enough without shedding so much Shin Hye-ya

5. [+342, -15] She was prettier before

6. [+305, -6] Honestly, she was waaaaay prettier before her weight loss

7. [+289, -23] Did her diet affect her thick hair?? Was she under so much stress?? She looks sick too... she wasn't like this before

8. [+231, -8] Celebrities who don't look chubby but are pretty and healthy keep wanting to lose weight and they start looking like every other female stars. Uee was so gorgeous before her extreme weight loss.. Park Shin Hye too lost her unique charm ㅜㅠ

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