#175 Moon Geun Young says she's excited to turn 30

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Originally posted on: Sep 25, 2015

Dong A - Naver: Moon Geun Young "About turning 30 next year? I've always looked forward to my 30s"

1. [+4,804, -152] Moon Geun Young's almost 30 years old. She'd still look great in school uniforms at that age

2. [+2,912, -306] She's excited to turn 30 while I'm in my early 20s and I already dread hitting my mid-20s...A successful person seems to be enjoying each day of her life.

3. [+2,033, -121] But she still is a baby to me^^♡

4. [+1,708, -844] Just wait... You'll realize what you said is a mistake

5. [+301, -14] People who are prepared aren't scared of getting older ㅜㅜ

6. [+273, -33] Her eyes are gorgeous. Somehow, they are meant for acting.. Her crying scene in 'Autumn in My Heart' is legendary

7. [+262, -48] Am I the only one who sees a bit of Lee Young Ae in her?

8. [+184, -12] Her face doesn't age which is why she's excited to turn 30 while I'm her scared and worried about getting old ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+130, -6] Time flies. Feels like it was just yesterday when was in her uniforms in 'Autumn in my Heart'

10. [+133, -25] She's like the little Go Hyun Jung

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